Cornish Cove Soap - Selection of Natural Oils Used in Soap Making

Cornish Cove Soap Ingredients

Natural & Free From Chemical Nasties

We are dedicated to keeping all the ingredients of our handmade products natural. For us it’s just the right way to roll when it comes to creating something from scratch with our name on it. This means all the usual suspects of cosmetic chemical processes don’t get a look in anywhere in a Cornish Cove Soap offering. No parabens, sulfates or triclosan in this neck of the woods thanks!

How We Get Our Lively Colours

Our all-natural approach to soap making means that there are obviously no artificial colours welcome at this party either. Instead, we get our funky colours from natures vibrant palette. For example some of our greens come from green clay which brings with it a host of detoxifying and nourishing properties. That’s another beauty of using mother nature’s bounty, our bodies tend to respond well to the bonuses her ingredients bring.

Can You Smell The Goodness?

The same goes for all our aromas. We keep our smells natural too. Many manufacturers, including a lot of cottage industries, tend to resort to chemical fragrances to try to bring depth to the smells in their products. We only use natural essential oils where this is concerned. It’s reassuring to know that when you use our products the air you’re breathing is as clear as nature intended it to be!

The Problem With Soap Shortcuts

You may have noticed in the past that when you use a high street soap it can leave your skin feeling dry and often after prolonged use your skin can become sore from using it. This could well be because a lot of the more mass produced soaps are skimping on their base ingredients.

A Soap Base to Nourish and Protect You

We use a mix of base oils and butters in our soaps which are designed to nourish and moisturise your skin whenever you use them. Pure cold pressed extra virgin olive oil sits alongside Coconut oil, raw unrefined shea butter and pure unrefined cocoa butter. The result is a range of soaps which you can use as often as you like, knowing that you are feeding your skin with natural goodness.

Being Mindful of Our Supply Chain

We care about the origins of our ingredients and we’re always looking to form a positive contribution with the products which we choose to buy. We try to keep things as local as possible. Things like our honey and lavender are  sourced in Cornwall and our Beeswax is from just over the border in Devon. All our olive oil comes from within Europe. When we do have to go further afield for our soap components we try to support sustainable production practices such as the Ghanain Women’s cooperative who manufacture our shea butter. This is an ethos we’re always trying to build on so if you know of any great companies you think we should be supporting we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us here.