Handcrafted Soaps Inspired By Cornwall

Sarah, Fifi and Sam with their friend Esme

Hi! We’re Sam, Sarah & Fifi.  A trio with a shared passion for home-cooked healthy food,  the great outdoors and the magic of living in Cornwall! We set up Cornish Cove Soaps when we were trying to find out what went into the soap we were buying. After investigating the ingredients of some of the big manufacturers, we decided we’d prefer to know exactly what was going into the products we were using on our bodies. Before long we were hooked on soap making and all the possibilities for the flavours we could create! We hope you’ll come along for the ride as we continue to explore and add new recipes.

What Goes Into Our Soaps

All our soaps are handmade with passion here in Cornwall. We only use quality natural ingredients and all our cornish-cove-soap-products-13products are free from any of  the nasties which many mass produced products tend to contain. This means our products are free from parabens, sulfates, triclosan, and artifical ingredients of any kind. We also never use palm oil in any of our products as we’d like to see the world’s rainforests stay in tact for future generations to enjoy. All our ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and as you probably guessed already, we never test our products on animals- only our friends and family get to enjoy that job! You can learn more about some of our main ingredients here, along with many of the benefits which they bring when you use them. As you’ll probably gather if you read any of our blog posts or soap descriptions we’re working hard to keep our supply chain of ingredients as local as we can and we buy from local producers wherever possible. As we grow we’re looking to increase this local network so feel free to be in touch if you’re reading this and you think we could work together!

Small Batch Cornish Cold Process Cooking at it’s Best!

Cornish Six Pack of Natural Soap

We hand make all our soaps from home in small batches which is one of the reasons they end up being so unique. It’s nice to think that the product you are using has been made with some thought and passion, rather than just coming off a soulless factory production line. We use a Cold Process method which is how we are able to introduce the two tone effect which we add to some of our soap flavours and as a result no two bars will ever look quite the same. While our soap cooking methods are unlikely to ever allow us to churn out thousands of bars of soap a month like a high street soap producer might, we’re happy knowing that every bar of soap we make is packed with natural goodness and has been made by a happy heart!

Keep it Recycled, Keep it Sustainable

You might have already noticed that we’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment. This goes beyond just trying to be mindful in the way we source our ingredients. We also place a lot of importance on trying to reduce the amount of packaging we’re using across our product range. We’ve opted to use bamboo and wicker baskets because these plants grow quickly and produce a positive contribution to our atmosphere. All our card packaging is 100% recycled and you can complete the loop by recycling it when you’re finished with it. All this means that you can be confident that by supporting us you’re supporting a business that respects the environment and cares about the planet’s future.

Featured Soaps

Now that you’ve learnt a bit more about us and our approach to soap, feel free to have a look at some of our product range below, visit our knowledge base or have a look around our shop.